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19 August 2022
Manisha a trained to ensure communities in the Melamchi region are better equipped in disaster preparedness and flood response

Investing in Women: Win-Win

This World Humanitarian Day 2022, let’s take a moment to show gratitude to the heroic first responders who serve, often risking their own lives. It... Read more

17 August 2022
Minister Khadka receives the Letter of Credentials of Ms. Hong

Foreign Minister Khadka received the credentials of the new UNFPA Representative to Nepal

Hon'ble Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Narayan Khadka received the Letter of Credentials of Ms. Won Young Hong, the new Country Representative... Read more

12 August 2022
Picture depicts a youth activist and Rupantaran Trainer from the Baitadi District of Nepal

For young people, by young people

This International Youth Day 2022, let’s recognize these Nepali youth leaders who go over and beyond to be the change they want to see. Young people... Read more

11 August 2022
Picture depicts a youth community volunteer

Doing Things Together

“My father and I have always been responsible to bring in the family income and make key decisions, but it never crossed my mind that my wife and my... Read more

3 August 2022
5 ways YOU(th) can prevent violence against women and girls

5 ways YOU(th) can prevent Gender-based Violence

Violence against any woman or girl doesn't just affect her alone. It has serious repercussions on her children and family at large. Numerous... Read more

11 July 2022
Picture depicts a survivor receiving a free/confidential service at an OCMC

Challenging Gender Biases

The world as we know it has close to 8 billion people. 8 billion people who should ideally have equal opportunities and access to education,... Read more

24 June 2022
The picture highlights the statement from UNFPA on new restrictions to access to abortion.

UNFPA statement on the global implications of new restrictions to access to abortion

Whether abortion is legal or not, it happens all too often. Data show that restricting access to abortion does not prevent people from seeking abortion, it simply makes it more deadly. As UNFPA’s... Read more

10 June 2022
Press Release
Picture depicts the Visiting Norwegian State Secretary at the Patan Hospital OCMC

Norwegian State Secretary reaffirms commitment to support UNFPA’s efforts to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights, and end gender-based violence in Nepal

Thursday, 09 June 2022, Kathmandu, Nepal: The visiting Norwegian State Secretary (International Development) Hon. Bjørg Sandkjær reaffirmed the committment of the Government of Norway to support... Read more

25 November 2021

Commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Survivors of gender-based violence and gender rights activist in Nepal have called for inclusive approaches and comprehensive reforms to eliminate... Read more

24 November 2021

International Day to End Violence against Women

In our increasingly online world, there are too many risks if we do not. Beyond the obvious threats to mental health and physical safety, digital... Read more