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5 May 2017 - 5 May 2017


International Day of the Midwife

Midwives – and people with midwifery skills – are the main caregivers for women and their newborns during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and in the post-delivery period. Skilled midwives are the difference between life and death for hundreds of thousands of women and infants every year.


20 April 2017 - 21 April 2017

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Conference on Women’s Leadership and Representation in Local Governance

In a bid to ensure increased access for women in Nepal’s political sphere — as voters, but more importantly, as candidates — particularly in the context of the upcoming local elections, the United Nations Country Team, in collaboration with the Election Commission and SAJHA Abhiyan (women’s coalition), is all set to host a national conference in Kathmandu on 20-21 April.


8 March 2017 - 8 March 2017


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated globally on 8 March, is dedicated to reflecting on the achievements of ordinary women who have made an extraordinary impact in their countries and communities, and to celebrate the contributions of women all around the world.

In Nepal, the day is a time to reflect on the progress the country has made towards gender equality, call for change and celebrate the numerous acts of courage and determination made by ordinary Nepali women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.