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25 July 2015

Promoting youth participation in earthquake responses

Visiting around 30 villages, meeting around 700 earthquake survivors and supporting them in whatever way he could during almost three months since the devastating earthquake struck Nepal on April... Read more

15 July 2015

Reaching earthquake survivors with lifesaving reproductive care

It is a grim reality that the risk of sexual assault, coercion and exploitation escalates whenever the social order breaks down or populations are displaced. By Giulia Vallese, UNFPA... Read more

12 July 2015

World Population Day 2015 more than ever relevant to quake-hit Nepal

As Nepal is progressively recovering from a devastating seism, World Population Day 2015 is more than ever relevant to the country. The Day this year is dedicated to "vulnerable populations in... Read more

6 July 2015

As monsoon looms, UNFPA and partners scale up mobile camps, prioritize remote areas

RASUWA DISTRICT, Nepal - Ishwari Dangol lost her seven year old son in the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal on 25 April. She was also seven months pregnant at the time and has since had to... Read more

30 June 2015

Offering protection and support to survivors of gender-based violence

It is not uncommon for gender-based violence to increase in the aftermath of natural disasters. SINDHULI DISTRICT, Nepal - After losing her house to the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on... Read more

6 June 2015

Restoring health, hope and dignity for affected women and girls in post-earthquake Nepal

Mahendra Jyoti, Kavre District, Nepal - May 6, 2015: Dignity cannot be delivered in a kit alone - it is a human right. But dignity kits have gone a long way in alleviating the spirits of -- and... Read more

4 June 2015

Ensuring the most vulnerable are protected, UNFPA Nepal puts dignity first

GORKHA DISTRICT, Nepal - Sarita Tamang was nine months pregnant when the earthquake hit and her house collapsed near the epicentre of the earthquake. A few days after moving into a tent provided... Read more

23 May 2015
Press Release

Government, UNFPA Nepal launch Dignity First campaign for earthquake response and beyond

KATHMANDU, 23 May 2015-As the calendar approaches the one-month mark following the devastating Nepal earthquake of April 25, the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) and UNFPA,... Read more

15 May 2015

Nepal earthquake has affected 1.4 million women of reproductive age including 93,000 pregnant

The devastating April 25 earthquake has affected a total of 1.4 million women and girls of reproductive age in the 14 most affected districts, according an estimation by UNFPA, the United Nations... Read more

13 May 2015

Japan supports UNFPA’s lifesaving assistance for women and girls affected by earthquake

The UN agency is scaling up its response Kathmandu, Nepal - May 13, 2015: The United Nations Population Fund expresses its gratitude to the Government of Japan for its generous contribution of USD... Read more