Press Release

Health Minister launches mobile app to promote adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Nepal

23 September 2017

KATHMANDU, 23 September 2017 – Health Minister Girirajmani Pokharel today launched an Android-based mobile application meant for adolescent girls and boys in Nepal.

The mobile app, Khulduli (curiosity), aims at promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescents in Nepal by empowering them with the right information about their health and helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

It is developed by the National Health Education, Information, and Communication Center (NHEICC) under the Ministry of Health (MoH), Government of Nepal in collaboration with the German Development Cooperation, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and USAID’s Health for Life Project. The app is based on UNFPA’s global innovative mobile solution, known as Youth.Connect. This App was also developed as part of the MoH’s “Healthy Nepal, Prosperous Nepal” campaign.

Adolescents and young people represent a third of the total population in Nepal. This population is often considered as the healthiest population group; however, if not supported well, they become one of the most vulnerable population sections. Early marriage, early and unintended pregnancy, STI including HIV, substance abuse (cigarette, alcohol and drugs), and malnutrition are the commonest problem they face. This population section also marks the increased exposure to risk factors of the Non-communicable diseases. However, the access to appropriate information is not adequate for this group. According to an estimate, less than one-third of the adolescents in Nepal have access to the sexual and reproductive health information that meets their need (GIZ 2016).        

Minister Pokharel launched the app during an event organized in Kathmandu by NHEICC and attended by adolescents, top government officials, and representatives of youth organizations, development partners, and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Pokharel said that with the app, adolescents, who prefer to have access to sexual and reproductive health information in an easy, credible, confidential and non-threatening manner, can make informed and responsible decisions about their health and well-being.

The app in Nepali language will be available via the Android’s Play Store, and can be accessed across Nepal who has access to Wi-Fi or mobile data services. Once downloaded, the ‘Khulduli’ app can be navigated both online and offline. The app contains information about key health issues of the adolescents and young people in Nepal.