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The Social and Financial Skills Package (SFSP) contains 15 modules. It aims at empowering adolescent girls through weekly sessions that are conducted by social mobilizers and facilitators over a period of nine months. In collaboration with the Department of Women and Children, UNFPA is supporting this life skills training, locally called “Rupantaran” (transformation).

SFSP has been rolled out by Women and Children Offices and UNFPA in 19 districts (as of 28 August 2017) of Nepal engaging Adolescent Girls’ Groups (AGG) and Adolescent Girls’ Circles (AGC). Programmes that UNFPA has been supporting in these districts to empower adolescents have been implemented through these community structures. AGGs and AGCs have proved an effective way of creating a cohesive and supportive platform in which girls create a positive peer pressure to stay in school, help each other advocate with parents against child marriage, and build networks.

SFSP provides the girls with practical skills and knowledge on gender equality and human rights (including child marriage related information), reproductive health, gender based violence, nutrition, communication, decision making and negotiation skills etc. These girls will also be linked to health centers that provide adolescent sexual and reproductive health services. The package not only helps expand networks among adolescent girls, it also capacitates them to be a change agent in their community.

This training has been extended through facilitators of Community Learning Centers (CLC) who are trained on selected modules (Adolescence, Gender-Based Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health). Series of Training of Trainers on SFSP has enabled CLC facilitators to deliver comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to out-of-school adolescents in their communities. Rupantaran sessions are conducted with the help of the manual along with additional materials such as charts, stickers, infographics.

The 15 modules books are in Nepali. Modules from 13-15 are available on this page. The remaining 1-4 together with the curricula matrix are available here, 5-9 here and 10-12 here. The topics covered by the manuals, as well as the curricula matrix are available in English.