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This publication in Nepali highlights data specific to youth in Nepal, which is based on the Population and Housing Census 2011. The Population and Housing Census made public the collective data related to different diverse features of Nepal's population. However, it had no separate data set related to youth. Realising this, the Ministry of Youth and Sports together with the CBS, UNFPA and RD initiated this dataset that focuses on facts and figures related to youth of Nepal.

The database presents the distribution of youth population by age 16-25 and 26-40 years and sex ratio. It analysed the data available in Population and Housing Census 2011. It was later disaggregated to represent region, zones, and ecological belts from 75 districts. This analytical dataset highlights 17 components: Total Population and households, Youth Population, Sex Ratio, Literacy Status, Educational Attainment, Schools/Colleges Attendance, Population Abroad, Disability Status, Marital Status, Singulate Mean Age at Marriage, Total Fertility Rate, Usual Activities, Economically Active Population, Occupation, Status of Employment, Economically Inactive Population, and Access to Information Technology.