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Under the auspices of National Health Policy 2014, Nepal Health Sector Strategy 2015-2020 (NHSS) is the primary instrument to guide the health sector for the next five years. It adopts the vision and mission set forth by the National Health Policy and carries the ethos of constitutional provisions to guarantee access to basic health services as a fundamental right of every citizen. It articulates nation’s commitment towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and provides the basis for garnering required resources and investments. NHSS places health at the centre of overall socio-economic development. It guides the health sector’s response in realizing government’s vision to graduate Nepal from ‘Least Developed Country’ to ‘Middle Income Developing Country’ by 2022.

NHSS stands on four strategic principles:

1. Equitable access to health services

2. Quality health services

3. Health systems reform

4. Multi-sectoral approach

Under these strategic principles, NHSS envisions for equitable service utilization, strengthening service delivery and demand generation to underserved populations, including the urban poor. NHSS calls for greater partnerships with local level institutions and community groups to empower women, promote supportive cultural practices and curb gender-based violence in the society. NHSS focuses on improving the quality of care at points of service delivery. As warranted by National Health Policy 2014, an autonomous accreditation body will be established during NHSS period for quality assurance of health services in public and private sectors. NHSS emphasises on strengthening research and promoting the use of evidence. It also aspires to leverage modern technologies for better health information management, increased access to health services, better management of procurement and supply chain, and more effective and efficient construction of health facilities.

To strengthen decentralization planning and budgeting, NHSS prioritises the implementation of the Collaborative Framework for Strengthening Local Health Governance in Nepal. NHSS also expands state and non-state partnership by building mutually beneficial partnerships between the public and private sectors. At the same time, NHSS aims to strengthen institutional capacity of MoHP to better regulate public and private health systems.