Decision-Making Tool for Family Planning Clients and Providers

परिवार नियोजनका ग्राहक र सेवा प्रदायकका लागि निर्णय सामाग्री

No. of pages: 36

Publication date: 2014

Author: UNFPA Nepal

Decision-Making Tool for Family Planning Clients and Providers is a resource for high-quality counselling developed by the World Health Organization. WHO has granted adaptation (translation and publication) rights to UNFPA Nepal. This flipchart is a decision-making aid for clients, a job-aid and reference manual for providers; and a training resource. With one page for the client and a corresponding page for providers, it has helpful illustrations, key points and detailed reference information covering 14 family planning methods. It includes medical eligibility criteria, side-effects, when to start and how to use each method.

परिवार नियोजन परामर्श सेवा प्रदान गर्न यो हाते पुस्तिका (फ्लिप चार्ट) उपयुक्त सामग्री हो ।
  • यसले ग्राहकलाई परिवार नियोजनको उपयुक्त साधन छनौट गरी प्रयोग गर्न सहयोग पु¥याउँछ । 
  • यसले सेवा प्रदायकलाई परिवार नियोजन सम्वन्धी जानकारी दिएर गुणस्तरीय सेवा प्रदान गर्न सक्ने बनाउँछ । 
  • यसले ग्राहकलाई प्रभावकारी परामर्श सेवा दिन सहयोग गर्दछ ।