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The District Profile 2014 of Bajhang was prepared by collecting the sector-wise information available in the district, analyzing the data and district situation and holding consultations with the local government agencies and stakeholders. It aims to strengthen the existing district database system. The District Development Committee, government line agencies and development partners have started using the data and information contained in the profile in their planning processes. Prepared with UNFPA support, this document will help the local government agencies, development partners, researchers and scholars in formulating policies, collecting evidence and evaluating their programmes. It covers the following information of Bajhang:
• Geographical information 
• Demographic situation 
• Social information: Situation of women, children, people living with disabilities, and status of education and health
• Drinking water and sanitation situation 
• Economic and employment situation
• Status of social services
• Agricultural, forestry and environment situation 
• Disaster management situation
• Local resources