Youths learn RBM ropes

18 April 2014

They were happy to know that such training programmes were also conducted at local level.

Nazib Hussain's joy knew no bounds when he received training on result-based management (RBM) in Sunsari district, Nepal. The chairperson of the Sonapur VDC Youth Network was really happy to know that such training programmes were also conducted at local level. The 27-year-old was among a group of 25 youths (14 males and 11 females) who shared similar views about the four-day training that concluded on April 18, 2014. Organised with UNFPA support by the District Development Committee and Pariwartan Kaa Laagi Yuwa, a local NGO working for youths, the training saw the participation of different youth networks from 25 local VDCs. 
The participants were trained on adopting a participatory and team-based approach to programme and organizational management and on achieving results through strategic planning, regular monitoring of progress through indicators and performance evaluation.

The training also revolved around making the best use of available financial resources in an efficient manner to achieve results and ways to improve programme and management effectiveness, efficiency and accountability, focusing on achieving defined results at the district level.

In addition to the training, participants discussed youths' agendas, National Youth Policy and Guideline as well as their participation in the planning process and how local bodies can address their problems. 
DDC Information Officer Arun Kumar Mehata oriented the trainees on the 14 steps of the planning process unveiled by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD). The trainees were also trained on logframe, a RBM tool, to manage programmes, analyze problems and identify results at the output, outcome and goal levels. "It's good to know how indicators can be formulated, results can be measured and available resources tapped into while launching activities targeted at youths", says Rinku Kumari Mehata, a female participant. 
The training was facilitated by Arun Khadka, national youth activist, youth trainer Gawan Singh Chaudhary and RBM ToT trainer Binod Majhi. 
Meanwhile, the participants committed to bolster relationship with other youth networks to promote their leadership and participation in the local level.