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Gender-based violence occurs in every country and terrain in the world and across all economic and social groups. In fact, evidence shows that globally, one in three women and girls will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes, while in Nepal one in five women have experienced physical violence since age 15. The reality is however that these numbers tend to just be the tip of the iceberg as many continue to suffer in silence for fear of reporting accompanied by shame and stigma. 

Violence against any woman or girl doesn't just affect her alone. It has serious repercussions on her children and family at large. Numerous studies have shown that children growing up with violence are more likely to become survivors themselves or perpetrators of violence in the future.

This is why preventing gender-based violence is everyone’s business. This month, as we celebrate International Youth Day, here are 5 ways YOU(th) can prevent any form of violence against women and girls. 


1. Educate yourself on forms of gender-based violence against women and girls, men and boys and those who are non-conforming to the binary genders like the LGBTIQ+ community. Learn to identify signs of abuse, know the helplines and find other ways to support, so you can help.

2. Report any photos and posts you see that exploit people on social media.

3. Believe and listen to survivors. Give a listening ear and the safe space one needs to speak up and be heard.

4. Challenge each other! Take a stand and call out those around you when you hear catcalling, inappropriate sexual comments and sexist jokes. Keep yourself in check as well so you don't unknowingly perpetuate any negative gender stereotypes. 

5. Understand the meaning of consent and practice it!


*UNFPA is currently implementing a project in Nepal which strengthens both the Prevention and Response of Gender-based Violence (2020-2024) in Provinces 1 and 7, with support from the Government of Norway and the Swiss Development Cooperation under a funding envelope of USD 11.2 million.