Ensuring rights and choices for all


17 October 2018

The State of World Population 2018

The global trend towards smaller families is a reflection of people making reproductive choices to have as few or as many children as they want, when they want. When people lack choice, it can have a long-term impact on...

11 October 2018

A Skilled GirlForce is a force for change!

Supporting girls is above all a matter of respecting their rights to grow, flourish and make their own choices about the future. It’s also a path to economic and social progress for us all. 

10 October 2018

Let’s talk about mental health – and let’s act!

There is no health without mental health. It is a human right and central to human dignity.  Let’s end the stigma surrounding mental health, and above all, let’s act.



This 8th Country Programme Document of UNFPA for Nepal, approved by the Executive Board...
Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in Asia – for both girls and boys....

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