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UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is seeking qualified Bids for the provision of services on Strengthening Multi Sectoral Response to Survivors of Gender-based Violence through the provision of shelter for GBV survivors including referral for mental health rehabilitation. Your organisation is hereby invited to submit your best Technical and Financial Bids for the requested services. Your Bid could form the basis for a contract between your organisation and UNFPA.

Deadline: All Bids comprising of Technical and Financial parts should reach the below and corresponding addresses no later than 12 July, 2016, at 15:00 Nepal Time

Bidders are asked to acknowledge receipt of this RFP using the Bid Confirmation Form SECTION VI – ANNEX A: BID CONFIRMATION FORM. A completed Form should be e-mailed to: Prakash Rai, Procurement Assistant in no later than 27 June, 2016.