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We hereby solicit your quotation for the supply of following items to UNFPA Country Office, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur:

Item No. 1:      Solar lamps                              - 32 units

Item No. 2:      Solar mobile chargers              - 24 units

Item No. 3:      Basic furniture                         - 16 sets

Item No. 4:      Floor mats                                - 228 units

Item No. 5:      Sleeping bags                           - 56 units

Item No. 6:      Inflatable pillows                     - 56 units

Item No. 7:      Floor cushions                         - 160 units

Item No. 8:      Bedsheets                                - 88 units

Item No. 9:      Cooking utensils (various)       - 8 sets

Item No. 10:    Metal/steel containers              - 8 units

Item No. 11:    Buckets with covers                 - 24 units

Item No. 12:    Water purification devices       - 8 units

Item No. 13:    Nylon rope                              - 8 units-

Item No. 14:    Mosquito nets                          - 56 units

Item No. 15:    Carton boxes                           - 50 units

If you are interested in submitting a quotation for the above items, kindly fill in the attached Annex I: Bid Submission Form and Annex II: Quotation Form with all the necessary information and submit in a sealed envelope along with the detailed description/catalogue for all the items quoted to the address indicated below or email to with subject line UNFPA/NPL/Request for Quotation/018/001.

Partial bids are allowed, however bidders are encouraged to quote for maximum number of items listed.

Your earliest response to this query would be highly appreciated, but not later than Thursday, 26 April 2018, 15:00 (Nepal Time).